Short Films

l Wanted

35mm Dolby Digital / 22mins / Drama / 2D & 3D Animation / 2008
One day, a peaceful small town is visited by an old woman with widow’s weed and black umbrella. Then, all of sudden rain starts to fall on a fine day. Next day morning, the woman comes back and this time, she comes with thunder and rainstorm. Later, the town people finds out from a policeman that the woman is wanted and dangerous but it was too late to save the village from the disaster about to strike.



The Sea of Their Own

35mm Dolby Digital / 12mins / Drama / 2D Animation / 2007
An Old Man and an obese cat live in a small house in the middle of a vast sea. Their daily schedule is to push away the black sea that is covering everything and to recover the blue sea. One day a bird and a terrible storm come to them…

SF_main_02The Sea Of Their Own


The Old Man with Knapsack

35mm Dolby Digital / 12mins / Drama / 2D & 3D Animation / 2003
An Old Man appears in a village carrying a backpack twice as large as he is. Everyone is fascinated by the man and his backpack; some children even believe that he kills children and puts them in the backpack. After he dies, the villagers gather around to open the backpack. What is in the backpack?

SF_main_03The Old Man With Knapsack