Jungle Survival


Full HD / 3D CGI

Action Adventure Comedy
Target Age 6-10
52×11″ (Season 1 & 2)



Maru, Ara and Gabi accompanies Ara and Gabi’s dad, Mr.Rhapa on a volunteer trip for the natives of the Borneo Jungle. They were taking a helicopter travelling deep into the jungle. When suddenly they got caught in a thunderstorm that made their helicopter to crash.
Luckily Maru, Ara and Gabi survived the crash but soon realized that Mr.Rhapa had gone missing. The children with the help of a tribal warrior Shalamar, who is a brave and knowledgeable of the danger of the jungle and Kai an mysterious boy go into the deeper jungle to find Mr.Rhapa on their own.
A beautiful yet unpredictable jungle adventure story that unfolds with Maru, Ara, Gabi, Shalamar and Kai… Wild animals and venomous predators creates constant threat with unknown mutant creatures call Igras makes the children journey even more dangerous than ever.
Will the kids able to survive the jungle?





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