Full HD / 3D CGI
Transforming Heroes Action Comedy
Original in English
Target Age 6-10



Lynn is your average boy, who likes superhero and looks after the stray cats in his backyard. One day, he found a strange cat on his way home, thinking it was another stray cat in need for his care. In fact, it was not an ordinary cat but a robotic weapon belonging to the super villain called Gala-Gahs. When Bolaven, one of Gala-Gahs’ ten disciples, broke into Lynn’s home to take the alien cat back to his master, Lynn flees with his feline friend, but could not make it far. Cornered by the powerful chaser, the duo looked hopeless, but then the alien cat combines with Lynn and they transformed into a cat-boy superhero. As Lynn struggles to take stock of his new powers with his feline companion, he realizes there are other powerful kids like him. They coalesce and take the noble vow to save the city from the alien villains.


GFighters Trailer


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