Jungle Survival – Business


Jungle Survival




l Origin of the TV Series

Jungle Survival is based on an educational comic book that had sold over 40 million copies in Asia alone.



l Broadcasting

Jungle Survival aired with EBS with number 1 ratings from 2015 September then was released with the cable channels on 2015 December with number 1 premiering ratings on Animax, Daekyo Kids TV and Jei TV. Also Jungle Survival is on the top ten watched TV animation series with Olleh IPTV.



l Toys

Jungle Survival toys which were released 2015 October has sold out many times and more merchandising being added to the list.



l AR Game

With the demo version being released July 2016, the popularity has been proven with the official release which was made three months later.


l Live Musical

On 2016 February the live musical for Jungle Survival will show for one months at the National Museum of Korea.